MacPheat Park

Lots for Sale

Pricing Ranges from $31,500 - $37,500

GST Not Included

If any lots in the Future Development Interest you please email us


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Are you tired of not being able to get a camping site at the Provincial & Regional Parks? Come build at MacPheat Park and youll always have a place to go.


MacPheat Park landowners along with the Hamlet are working towards making the resort a pleasurable place to experience family leisure living.


  MacPheat Park is in Saskatchewan, Canada and is a hamlet approximately 45 minutes from Regina, just off highway #322 on the east side of Last Mountain Lake, near Glen Harbour (directions shown on attachment). 


  Some of the best Northern Pike fishing on Last Mountain Lake is located in this area as it is in one of the deeper parts of the lake. Walleye and perch can also be found in different areas of the lake.


  Registered sites for sale have power up to 45 metres prepaid.  Natural gas is available.  Water can be hauled in or individuals can drill a well. Water is at approximately 135 ft. There is a well at MacPheat Park, but the water is not for human consumption.


  Purchasers are required to build within five years. The home/cottage must be no less than 900 square feet. A recreational vehicle (RV) may be temporarily parked on the property during construction of the home/cottage.


If you visit MacPheat Park you will see small trailers on lots. These are temporary, and will be removed once a home/cottage has been completed. However, there are some that are grandfathered.


  Lots range in size from W29 metres x D 44 metres to W32 metres x 44 metres (approximately W95 feet x D144 feet to W104 feet x 144 feet). 


  Lots available are not lake front, therefore no concerns with future flood events. 


  A new boat launch was built in 2008. 


  There is a swimming area.


  Both areas are within walking distance.  


  There were 200 trees planted in 2009; 200 poplar trees, and 100 caraganas planted in 2010; fifty bigger poplar trees were also transplanted that year.  There will be 500 trees and shrubs planted in 2013.


  Prices are subject to change without notice. Financing options will be considered.



Feel free to contact us at (306)775-0826 or (306) 529-1220by email



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